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Mac Master Series 2.0

El Capitan Edition

Connect . Learn . Grow

Mac Master Series 2.0, El Capitan Edition

All you ever wanted to know about your Mac, now in one place…

Teaching from the time you take your Mac out of its box to mastery with the Mac Master Series by Fedora Outlier LLC.

Get your Standard or Premium membership now!

Choose to  pay using our SwissPay option over 12 equal monthly installments, or get 2 months free with a 10 % discount when you  pay for your yearly membership in full. That’s over $100 in added value.

What is SWISS PAY?

SWISS PAY allows you to conveniently take the full yearly membership amount and make 12 equal payments.

Here’s what’s inside…

Mac Master Series standard

  • Monthly Master Classes

Every month we hold a virtual class where all the members get together and discuss the previous four weeks modules.

It’s very helpful when you can discuss any issues with other users of the Mac. That’s the connect

  • Built in ask-A-Coach support

Every master has had a coach at one time or another. We are your Mac Master Series coaches. You can login, ask a question and get a response in 24 hours or less.  That’s the learn.

  • Community driven Forums

Inside are the forums where we focus on a particular Mac feature, process, app or technique and discuss it with the members.

  • Weekly Quick Tips

Each week you’ll receive a quick tip informing you of the latest Mac news, feature, technique, app, process or function of your mac.

  • Weekly modules, walking you through every aspect of your Mac

Each week you’ll receive a module via audio/video that teaches you everything you’ll ever want to know about your Mac.. That’s the grow!

Mac Master Series: Standard
Mac Master Series: Standard
Get 14 months for the price of 12 by paying in full!
Price: $797.00

Mac Master Series: Standard (SWISS PAY)
Mac Master Series: Standard (SWISS PAY)
per month for 12 months
Price: $66.00

Mac Master Series Premium

You get the monthly Master Classes, Ask-A-Coach support, Community Forums, weekly Quick Tips, and weekly modules  along with the added bonuses. below.

  • 25% off any other service or course that we offer

Fedora Outlier LLC offers a number of courses all designed for mastery of your devices and applications. We’ll give you 25% off any other course that we have in open enrollment for.

  • 1 hour of private remote coaching per month

You have one on one time with your own personal coach. Ask them anything, get help with anything Mac related and succeed faster.

  • Access to our Backstage Pass

Go behind the scenes with your coaches as we give you a peak backstage at Fedora  with   the Mac apps, tools and techniques we use on a daily basis. Not only do we teach you the Mac, but we teach you the apps that make it such a powerful platform.

  • Exclusive Appointed Affiliate access

Our appointed affiliates have the ability to earn while they learn. You send us someone using your special link and you’ll get 25% back in your pocket, just by referring a new member to one of our master series or services..

See you on the inside.

Mac Master Series: Premium
Mac Master Series: Premium
Get 14 months for the price of 12 by paying in full!
Price: $997.00

Mac Master Series: Premium (SWISS PAY)
Mac Master Series: Premium (SWISS PAY)
per month for 12 months
Price: $88.00

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